2019-06-16 15-23-55 fid-0012802 Vampirates did-35552-2 TU widen asppect 01 crop 1200x500
2018-06-02 DSC00554 Ruth as the Red Queen at Worderland -- crop ratio 1200x500 scaled S8
2016 Midwayville - Midsummer Soiree - Pan and Ivy -- crop ratio 1200x500, scaled S8
2016_07_01_-_22_18_28_1 banner stitch; Ruth Fairy; Mander Mystic -- crop ratio 1200x500; scaled S6
© Spark Acting, http://SparkActing.com
2018-09-15 18-44-42 05626 Laura and Jeff Wedding; 1200x500; web
2018-06-16 20-31-55 01677 Vallejo Pirate Festival; Ruth and Mander photoshoot_01 -- crop ratio 1200x500; touchup; scaled S6
2014_03_29_-_23_47_27 Hollywood Murder Mystery; Mander -- ratio 1200x500; scaled S5
2016-05-27 13-48-31 Clockwork Alchemy - Embodying Steampunk Characters Workshop -- ratio 1200x500; scaled S6
2018-07-22 16-36-43 02543 Obtainium Cup; crop; 12x5 aspect; 1200x500 web
2017_08_04_-_23_46_40_1 Frollic, Iris -- enhanced 2; crop ratio 1200x500; scaled S6
2014_03_29_-_23_46_14 Hollywood Murder Mystery; Ruth -- ratio 1200x500; scaled S5
2014_11_20_-_22_20_55_1 Poison Ivy and the Joker -- crop ratio 1200x500; scaled S6
2016_05_29_-_17_04_13_1 Verve and Galatea -- crop ratio 1200x500; scaled S5
2017-05-24 light fixtures; crop ratio 1200x500; scaled
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Spark Acting℠ is the interactive acting troupe that infuses theater with the spark of life. Our characters transform an event’s theme into an immersive alternate reality. Using improvisational theater techniques, our acting style blurs the separation between audience and performance, enabling your friends, your guests, and you, to become part of the show.

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