Spark Acting℠ is an interactive acting troupe that infuses theater with the spark of life. Our characters transform an event’s theme into an immersive alternate reality. Using improvisational theater techniques, our acting style blurs the separation between audience and performance, enabling your friends, your guests, and you, to become part of the show.

Upcoming Performances, Classes, Workshops, and Whimsy

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Matthew Briar and the Age of Resurrection; October 14th, 15th, and 16th 2016

2015-epic-immersives-matthew-briar-and-the-age-of-resurrection-act-3Spark Acting will be part of Epic Immersive’s Matthew Briar and the Age of Resurrection. You’ll enter three fully immersive acts — a 1907 World’s Fair, the Roaring 20s, and a Depression-era camp — as you trace the epic saga of an inventor who finds a way to radically extend the human lifespan, and how his invention transforms life in the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Genentech Corporate Event; October 14th 2016

2016-10-14-myistic-midway-produced-genentech-cooperate-team-buildingAt this private event, we’ll help Genentech employees step into the Mystic Midway’s gamified interactive immersive world. Story Bucks will encourage players to evoke inspiration, reflection on and share stories, examine forms of value, and face challenges.

The Goddess Gaia; November 19th 2016

2016_07_30_-_17_21_11_1 Midsummer Soiree -- S8Spark Acting is performing as part of the interactive and immersive forest fantasy event The Goddess Gaia on Saturday, November 19th (previously October 22nd), as our fairy and satyr characters. The event will be held at the beautiful Hillside Club (map). See us on stage and as walk-about characters. We hope to see you there!

More to come…

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Past Event Announcements

Ancien Regime; September 23rd and 24th 2016

2016_09_23_-_20_43_54_1-come-out-and-play-ancien-regime-with-ruth-logo-s62016-09-23-come-out-and-play-ancien-regimeSpark Acting will be part of Come Out and Play’s interactive fantasy historical event “Ancien Regime”. This alternate reality adventure takes place in San Francisco’s Fort Mason. Travel to the dawn of Revolution and navigate a society on the brink of collapse as you explore a mashed-up world of the high-powered Court of Versailles and 2016 Silicon Valley. Gameplay will take you across social classes and amidst danger as you find your way in a world where lofty ideas and scientific breakthroughs abound – but does everyone have enough to eat and survive? Come see us September 23rd (more info) and 24th (more info).

A Very Fairy Midsummer Soiree; July 30th 2016

2016-midwayville-midsummer-soiree-pan-and-ivy-crop-01We’ll join the Mystic Midway and Ensemble members of Midwayville for a very special and elegant evening of sumptuous faery delights and immersive theater at the Westerfeld House, San Francisco’s intriguing historic landmark on Alamo Square. Tickets and event details available online.

Midwayville; Summer 2016

2016-midwayville-logoMidwayville is a unique reflection of the community spirit & soul of this great city, dressed up in a family-friendly fun pop-up live game carnival. Enjoy the tasty delights SoMa StrEat Food Park has to offer while engaging in a dazzling world of Carnival Games, Immersive Theater, DJ Dance Party Fun, wild costumes, a lively social vibe. Your stories & participation bring midwayville to life. The SoMa StrEats Food Park will be transformed into a live action video game: a multi-land pixelated theme park full of exciting attractions, bizarre sets, a customized floor game board mural and immersive show featuring dozens of costumed improv performers which all respond to your participation– making for a wildly participatory and playfully engaging experience.

Spark Acting Presents: Animism; May 29th 2016

2016-clockwork-alchemy-logo-214x237You might not know this, but your possessions have feelings too. Through the science of animism, Spark Acting can enhance those objects’ nascent life spirit to the point where they can communicate. Bring inanimate objects that you wish could talk, and your wish may come true.

Spark Acting Presents: Titania; May 28th 2016

2016-clockwork-alchemy-logo-214x237Professor Titania Taube is renowned as the most intelligent toaster in the world. Come hear Titania explain wonders, dispense advice, and answer unquestionably unanswerable questions. See for yourself the toast of the town. You are invited to arrive with your own questions for Titania to answer.

Workshop: Embodying Steampunk Characters; May 27th 2016

Casting off your mundane clothes to dress in steampunk attire is fun. During this workshop we’ll instead cast off our mundane minds, and transform into and interact as steampunk personas. This workshop introduces you to improvisational theater techniques, and no prior acting experience is needed.
Spark Acting taught a workshop, “Embodying Steampunk Characters,” at Clockwork Alchemy 2016. It was a fun and engaging class! Thank you to all of our attendees. We look forward to interacting with your characters throughout the weekend.2016-05-27-13-48-31-clockwork-alchemy-workshop-1-932x665

And More…

We’ve been performing long before the creation of Spark Acting. Check the history section in our Troupe page to learn more.